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How To Access ExtraTorrents?
8 months ago

People prefer this ExtraTorrents more than any other sites because it has more categories than we think. Any kind of torrent website in most of the countries is illegal still people use it. How are they using it? 

All banned websites that are done by local authorities or by the government will still be used by people of the residential country using different softwares. Those softwares will help the users to hide their location and also protect their personal information. 

They use softwares like VPN for free access to hide the user’s usage. For using this you need not invest any money all you need to have is a good internet connection. If you have a good internet connection then go to any of this site’s proxy and mirror sites. Few of its lists are given below:

  • Extratorrent proxy 1
  • Extratorrent proxy 2

This is the copy of it since 2017 the primary site was shut down by their owner. It’s mirror sites also are the same as the original one; to open this you must have any software to protect yourself. Few of the softwares are as given below:

  1. Tor browser

It is a private network which is used to connect the individual's network to share the bandwidth. To access, you will have to go to the browser and enter the address of the Tor browser and then the site gets unblocked.

  1. VPN

First and easy step for unblocking any torrent sites is VPN but as everyone thinks, this is not going to secure you because it can be tracked very easily. However, this is not going to share your personal information or encrypt data. Few VPNs are Cyber Ghost, Nord VPN,  Tor guard and more.

  1. Public DNS

This is easy software to unblock your site on your computer.

This information is given just to provide awareness among people and we assure that we don’t support or encourage anyone to use any kind of torrent sites.

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