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about 1 year ago

There are plenty of such sites available on the internet and viewers get fun through such sites during the quarantine. For those who want to watch and enjoy and also get entertained just for free, there are plenty of torrent sites available for them. So they will enjoy it free of cost. Among various torrent sites Jiorockers is also one among them.


It is said that it is one of the most searched torrent sites and is loved by most people; hence there is a huge number of people visiting the site increasing day by day. Almost it is available in many language like Jiorockers telugu, tamil, malayalam, hindi, marati and more. Any movies from these languages when it gets released, that week it will be uploaded on their website. 



  • It is a user-friendly site, anyone can access it easily.
  • Any new videos that are released will be updated on their site.
  • More collections of dubbed movies are made available.
  • Different video resolutions according to your internet connection you can choose. 
  • Site has different categories in movies. 

Basically Jio Rockers is a torrent site which means it is illegal. Why is it illegal because it leaks all the newly released movies and causes trouble and also loss to the whole movie production team. For these cases have been filed several times even 3 of them have been arrested for leaking videos in this torrent site. 

Though there is a lot of entertainment available in this site, that too without payment of any cash; this is a torrent site which means it is basically illegal so it is important for everyone to not to go into such sites.

We provide this information for educational and awareness purposes. In no case we will not be encouraging any of the torrent sites.

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