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What are the Best Textsheet Alternatives You Need to Try?
about 2 years ago

Textsheet was there in the market for quite a long time before it stopped existing. The website was largely used by students to get answers for their assignments, projects, or research papers. Textsheet was so popular that no other similar website was able to give it a tough competition. However, Chegg, another similar website, accused Textsheet of posting answers from their website and due to this Textsheet faced a copyright claim and was taken down.

When it stopped working, users started looking for alternatives to Textsheet that can fulfill the same purpose. 

Popular and Working Alternatives to Textsheet


  • Chegg


Chegg is almost similar to Textsheet and has a huge collection of answers. You can use the trial period to check the quality of answers and if you find it useful, you can get the subscription that starts from $6.95. 


  • Slader


Slader is a great option for college students and you can get help for all your assignments, projects, etc. apart from that, you can also go through books and guides available on the website. The subscription is not much expensive and you can get it at for $1.99 only.


  • Course Hero


Course Hero has around 30 million resources on its website and you will find a good amount of study notes, research, videos, and much more. You will find a variety of subjects covered such as maths, biology, English, etc.


  • Paper Help


Paper Help is another popular alternative of Textsheet; however, it mainly serves those who need help regarding research papers such as Ph.D. students. They even offer a money-back guarantee.


  • School Solver


Next in the list is School Solver that is full of answers, solutions, essays, completed assignments, and much more. You can even take the help of experts for your particular course and can also earn money by guiding other students.


  • SparkNotes


If you need help with your school assignments, SparkNotes is the one for you. You can even buy books, and if you want something similar to Textsheet, it has the same database and intuitiveness. You can also download the app for your Android or iPhone device.


  • Coursera


Coursera can be a good alternative if you want help for your research papers as it has around 3600 courses. For around 14 courses, there are online degrees available as well; the monthly membership is available for $39.

So these were all the popular alternatives to Textsheet that can be used to find answers and solutions to your assignments, and projects and fulfil your all needs.

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